Google SEO: 15 Best ways about how can I do SEO for Free?

SEO is free as well as paid. To achieve SE ranking, money is not enough. Money can buy you web traffic but Seo packages for small businesses will give consistent . To achieve Google rank with Google SEO, you must adopt some strategies and techniques to improve your position in SERPs.

15 Best ways to improve Google Search Rank

Here is a list of the best ways to improve your Google search rank.

  1. Follow standards-compliant code
  2. Use HTML meta tags
  3. Improve user’s experience of website
  4. Write unique, plagiarism free and optimized content
  5. Get quality backlinks
  6. Do speed optimization of your website
  7. Fix 404 or broken links on your website
  8. Optimize images size
  9. Use header tags H1 and H2
  10. Optimize your content for the local community
  11. Optimize your content for voice search
  12. Make your website responsive
  13. Try to achieve a place in featured snippets.
  14. Enroll your website in Google Webmaster Tools
  15. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Follow standards-compliant code

Google Bot or any other search engine bot crawls a website to collect the data about pages and index these pages which are shown to the people who make queries on the search engines. When a human browse a page, search engine renders content as user interface on screen. However, a crawler bot sees a page as source code. A crawler is a program that decides about the content based on the dictionary available in it. So, to make our content more understandable for a crawler, we must follow standards of coding. Google SEO demands to follow standards-compliant code.


Use HTML meta tags

HTML tags help in communicating the intent of content to search engines quickly. If every time a crawler starts reading the whole page for making a decision about content, it will take so much time just to answer a single query on the search engine. Therefore, HTML meta tags communicate quick information about content to the crawler. Google SEO demands to use HTML meta tags. You may learn about how to make your website source code optimized and add meta tags for SEO.


Improve user’s experience of website

SEMrush conducted a study that tells about the top four factors involved in SE ranking are time on site, website visits, pages per session and bounce rate. These factors are related to the user’s experience. From these factors, it is clear that if your website will have valuable and engaging content, a user will most probably remember the name of your website and access it directly. The user will spend more time resulting in improvement of bounce rate, pages per session and time on website. Bounce rate can help in measuring the time spent on website. Google SEO demands to improve user’s browsing experience and quality of content.

Write unique, plagiarism free and optimized content

Content is King. Only unique, valuable and plagiarism free content can distinguish you from your competitors. If you will provide the same content as your competitor is providing, there are chances that search engine will give rank to your competitor or it will divide the traffic among you. Google SEO demands to produce your own content. To get unique content you may contact WebSoft IT Development Solutions (Private) Limited directly or place an order at Fiverr for article writing.

Get quality backlinks

Backlinks are references to endorse your content. If your content is useful, it becomes part of the research done by other people. Backlinking is part of Off-Page SEO strategy. You may order DA 80 backlink on your specified keyword.

Do speed optimization of your website

Page loading speed is one of the most important factors to sustain a visitor. If a website will load slow, the visitor will quit and browse another website. You may test your page speed. If you are interested in speed optimization of your website, you may contact WebSoft IT Development Solutions (Private) Limited for paid services.

Fix 404 or broken links on your website

If your website has broken links resulting in 404 header code, it will issue an error in Google Webmaster Tools. Broken links produce a bad effect on SE ranking. You may find broken links on your website.

Optimize images size

Large size images increase the loading time of website and decrease the interest of the visitor. Hence, use small size (which takes less space between 1KB to 256Kbs) images. Size does not mean to use small dimensions here. Try to use CDN or deliver compressed images. You may buy CDN here.

Use header tags H1 and H2

H1 tag tells about the main title of the post and H2 tag tells about subheadings that an article or post have. These tags helps search engines in understanding structure of your website and make your content more readable for the users.

Optimize your content for the local community

If you are doing some local business and your target area is your local community, you must optimize your content for your local community. To do local optimization, you may enroll your website in Google Business and other local directories.

Optimize your content for voice search with Google SEO

Google voice has made it easier to search content from Google search engine without writing anything. The apps like in Alexa, Siri in iPhone, Bixby in Samsung, Voice in Google have increased trend of using voice to make search. So, your content must be optimized for voice search.


Make your website responsive

Make your website responsive. You can view a responsive website on any screen size without issue and read all content easily. You may use Google mobile friendly test tool to perform this test.

responsive-website seo google

Try to achieve a place in featured snippets with Google SEO

Whenever a search is made, Google search shows commonly asked questions and the answers to these questions. The user does not need to visit website page, because he can see the answer. This is called 0 position. However, if a user is interested in reading more details, he may open the link and read thoroughly. This is a featured snippet place. This may get you huge traffic via Google SEO.

how to get featured snippet place on google seo

Enroll your website in Google Webmaster Tools to do Google SEO

Google Webmaster Tools helps in quick indexing of your website in Google search engine directory so that your pages can be served in SERPs. You may sign up for Google Webmaster. Enrolling your website in Google Webmaster Tools can be your first step to do Google SEO. If you want to hire someone, WebSoft is highly recommended company for SEO services.

Google search console webmaster tools seo google

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Google SEO

Accelerated Mobile Pages, also known as AMP, are cached pages served on mobile devices. Google caches the content on your website and renders it in a single click without loading. These pages are called AMP. Google SEO involves use of AMP for serving pages faster on mobile devices.

amp accelerated mobile pages seo google

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