SE Ranking in [2020]. What is SEO in marketing?

Torque published an article on October 18, 2016, about WordPress statistics. According to this article, WordPress covers almost 27 percent of the internet. WordPress users publish 24 posts per second which makes it a CMS publishing 2 million posts per day. This is only about WordPress.

Now include the posts published on various other CMS like Joomla, Shopify, Drupal, Magento, Blogger, etc. There is a huge number of articles and posts published on daily basis.

According to Internet Live Stats, the total number of websites in the world is one billion seven hundred nine million seven hundred fifty-one thousand seven hundred twenty-seven. This number is not constant and continuously increasing and decreasing. Hence, to make your website appear on first page is really a difficult task.

When you perform a search query on, one page contains 10 results. That means a huge number of visitors searching a term will find the relevant answer of their queries on first page. Here comes search engine optimization ( SEO ) which helps a search engine like Google, Bing, Yandex etc, in distinguishing your content from other websites.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Its purpose is to increase the traffic of a website by improving the quality of content and making it more visible to its visitors. SEO helps in getting free traffic on a website that means it is the best free way to drive traffic on your website.

SEO traffic is also called organic traffic. Organic traffic means natural traffic that comes without giving any paid advantage to visitor. Paid traffic involves other branches of marketing. SEO is always free.

SEO helps in targeting the audience as per their choice. The system learns from the queries and show results to the visitors. SEO can be customized based on content, images, videos or academic search.

SEO may involve making of code level and content changes in the website. As mentioned above about huge number of posts, a search engine optimizer targets the people based on keywords or queries.

What is a keyword in SE Ranking?

A keyword can be a single word or a combination of words that may have a clear or unclear meaning. Now the question arise is why a keyword can have unclear meaning?

The answer is: Not all the internet users are educated. There is a huge class of people who can’t spell anything correctly so, no matter if spellings are wrong or the meaning is unclear, it will be considered as search keyword.

However, your content has to contain the spelling correctly and the writing has to look professional, but do not get worry there free sites like SEOToolsCentre – paraphrase tool that will help you to improve you writing skills.

Why SE ranking and SEO are important?

SE Ranking stands for search engine ranking. SEO is done to achieve SE ranking. Multiple competitive alternatives are available in market to advertise and gain traffic, but SEO is most important in gaining SE ranking because SEO is free. All you have to achieve is SE ranking by SEO, you will start getting traffic on content.

SEM and paid social media advertisements are very expensive and hard to afford. Of course, these are fast methods to gain traffic, just place the ad and start getting traffic. However, these methods are not affordable for all the website owners. It is easy for big firms to arrange budget for marketing, but for small startups, it becomes difficult to afford marketing expenses. Hence, SEO is best option for all to achieve SE ranking.

What is SEO agency?

SEO is free if you are an SE optimer. But if you are not an SE optimizer, it becomes paid for you. Then what would be the benefit of SEO? For sure, even if you spend some bucks on SEO, it will be a better option as compared to SEM and ads.

SEO Agency is a firm who provides SEO services. An SEO agency analyzes your website, prepares a budget report and start doing SEO of your website to achieve SE ranking. Sometimes, it is a best option to complete your website and hire an SEO agency to handle marketing. In this case, you will keep earning a handsome amount for few months until your content gets deprecated.

If you are interested in hiring an agency to do SEO of your website, you may contact WebSoft IT Development Solutions (Private) Limited. WebSoft is an SEO service company providing professional and affordable SEO services.

Bigger projects with more bandwidth can’t be handled by a single person, hence, it becomes compulsory to contract with an SEO agency to handle search engine optimization of your website.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the most important and base step of proper SEO to achieve the best SE ranking. In keyword research, we start collecting keywords related to the post content. Based on the historical statistics of that keyword, we add it to our list. These historical keyword research parameters can be search volume, competition and CPC.

How does SEO work?

SEO makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index your website content. Based on SEO, a search engine after crawling identifies the category and type of content, index the pages and then your website’s page will be recommended in the search query results of the visitor.

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO are those techniques which are best in practice and strategies adopted by these practices abide by the polices and terms of search engines. The major focus of white hat SEO is to provide valuable content that meets the demands of visitor.

White Hat SEO is not a quick methodology. You will need to spend money as well as pay much time. However, once it’s done, you will start getting huge traffic. Further, your website will not be spammed.

White Hat SEO optimizes the content for the visitors. It fulfills the required demands of the visitor. It is easy to use and user-friendly.

What are White Hat SEO strategies?

For White Hat SEO of your website, you will produce relevant content and publish it on website. You will use labeled images with alt values.

Remember Content is King. You should write unique, engaging, relevant, complete, precise, concise posts with relevant titles, no spelling mistakes, grammatically perfect, relevant links and references mentioned. Your code must be standards compliant HTML.

Your primary target must be visitors of the website, not content. Deceiving your users is unethical and black hat. Avoid tricking the search engines because, after search engine updates, your website will be possibly spammed. Never try to fool a search engine, they are getting smarter day by day.

White Hat SEO demands to avoid hidden texts and links, cloaking, participating in link schemes, auto generated contents, auto traffic, creating pages with copied content.

What is black hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO are those techniques which are not best in practice. Those who find way to make a huge money in short time and end up with spammed project adopt this technique. Black Hat SEO can help you in gaining traffic fast, but you will lose your website one day.

Black Hat SEO focuses on search engines, rather than visitors. The content of website is optimized for the search engines, not for the visitors. As a result of Black Hat SEO, the website’s pages will be spammed and penalized by the search engines. Black Hat SEO is not a sustainable method.

What are Black Hat SEO strategies?

You can use automatically generated or copied content, build backlinks from irrelevant websites, cloaking to fool the search engine, invisible text and keywords and duplicate content. These are commonly adopted strategies to fool any search engine.

What is Gray Hat SEO?

Gray Hat SEO lies somewhere between White Hat and Black Hat SEO. It involves few white and few black hat SEO strategies. Because sometimes it becomes very difficult to achieve SEO via White Hat strategies only.

How can I do SEO for Free?

Here you go with some best tips to improve your Google search rank.

  1. Follow standards-compliant code
  2. Use HTML meta tags
  3. Improve user’s experience of website
  4. Write unique, plagiarism free and optimized content
  5. Get quality backlinks
  6. Do speed optimization of your website
  7. Fix 404 or broken links on your website
  8. Optimize images size
  9. Use header tags H1 and H2
  10. Optimize your content for the local community
  11. Optimize your content for voice search
  12. Make your website responsive
  13. Try to achieve place in featured snippet.
  14. Enroll your website in Google Webmaster Tools
  15. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

To enhance your understanding about all of the above points, read this article about how can I do SEO for Free?

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